Image Model Manufacture Power, kV Condition
Diesel generating set Cummins KTA-50 G3 Cummins 1000 used
Diesel generating set Cummins KTA-38 G5 Cummins 823 used
Diesel generating set Cummins QSX15 Cummins 360 used
Diesel generating set Azimut AD 300C-T400-1P Azimut 240 new
Diesel generating set Azimut AD 40C-T400-1P Azimut 50 new

Our rental department will deliver power supply sets at necessary time and to the necessary location. This is guaranteed in consequence of a wide variety of high quality power supply generators and components to them. Moreover, we are always working on finding the best and most financially attractive solution for your case, no matter if you need one power supply generator or a power supply system with infrastructure. We can take the management of the project on us in order not to draw away your attention from your business.

Our benefits:

  • a wide variety of diesel-electric generator sets, incl. sets with Cummins engines: QSK45, QSX15, KTA50, KTA38;
  • diesel power stations with power capability of 40, 200, 250, 300, 360,720, 800, 1000 and 1250 kW;
  • package transformer substations (PTS) in container modules: PTS - 1600 KVA 0,4/6,3 kV; PTS - 2500 KVA 0,4/6,3/10,5 kV; PTS-3150 KVA 0,4/6,3/10,5 kV;
  • devices of electrical energy distribution of 1000 KVA 0,4 kV;
  • fast delivery;
  • attractive prices;
  • high quality standards.

Why are we reliable?

  • Work all over Russia

  • New and used diesel generating sets are always in stock

  • Delivery, installation and start

  • 9 years of working experience