About us

"Samara Energy Company" is a Russian dynamically developing company that provides customers with package solutions in guaranteed self-contained power supply and further maintenance service for any object.

The team of qualified specialists (diesel operators, power engineers, managers) with extensive experience in energy industry constitutes the basis of the company. Our employees regularly receive professional trainings and qualification courses.

Top management of "Samara Energy Company" is located in Samara, Russia. 

Production and Maintenance (including warehouses of genuine spare parts and consumable materials) business units are located near Samara in the city of Otradny, a logistically convenient place that has an educational center for specialists in the spheres of energy and oil.

"Samara Energy Company" provides solutions of the best quality and with attractive prices in guaranteed self-contained power supply for military and civilian objects incl. industrial companies, residential compounds, construction sites, gas and oil producing equipment, processing equipment, reserve power supplies, any kind of outdoor events almost in any sphere.

Our technical facilities are provided by diesel-electric generator sets that are assembled into power systems which are made of reliable and high-technology components. We have the components only from the leading world producers, the producers with whom work the largest Russian companies such as Gazprom, Rosneft, Russian Railways, KAMAZ and etc. "Samara Energy Company" has international business partners from Netherlands, Lebanon, Belgium, Czech Republic.

The usage of “Samara Energy Company” power supply sets is a universally applicable solution, which offers a variety of diesel-electric generator sets with power capability 40, 200, 250, 300, 360, 720, 800, 1000 and 1250 kW. It enables to successfully solve tasks of power supply from min to max power capabilities for the needs of our consumers.

Power supply sets provided by our company are equipped with heat-protective and noise-protective covers or containers that enable to use them in close distance to apartment houses or to use them in adverse climatic conditions. Power supply sets are equipped by built in fuel tanks, which volume allows a continuously using of diesel generating sets within 8-12 hours, depending on the load level. If necessary to increase the working time without topping, power supply sets could be equipped by fuel tanks with volume from 5 to 50 m3.

Packaged Transformer Substation, both cross functional and highly specialized for specific targets (PTS – 1600 kVa 0,4/6,3 kV; PTS- 2500 kVa 0,4/6,3/10,5 kV; PTS – 3150 kVa 0,4/6,3/10,5 kV); voltage levels (PY-1000 kVa 0,4 kV), are equipped by all necessary fittings, such as heating and cooling systems; relocatable units for living and rest of employees; operational monitoring relocatable units can be provided ,if necessary, as a part of power supply set, and they optimize and easy the operations.

From 2010 Samara Energy company has been cooperating and implementing successful projects with leading oil and gas Russian companies – Rosneft, Bashneft-Burenie, Tatburneft, Burenie, Story-Servis Burenie, Targin Burenie, Idel Neftemash.

We offer purchasing and renting of our equipment and guarantee high quality and reliability of its work. We provide a possibility of working and maintaining training of your personnel.

Our history

2010 Establishment date
2011 Purchasing of the first power generating set
2013 50 objects of power generating equipment in company owning
2014 Growth of company and developing of manufacturing base
2015 Diversification of company and opening of the new business field – cargo transportation
2016 7 working power generating sets with total capacity  21 MW
2017 Opening of the new business field – energy supply of work overs sites
2018 Equipment renovation. Company purchased 4 additional diesel generating sets, Cummins KTA-50
2019 Expanding of equipment stock. Few diesel gensets Cummins KTA38-G8, genset Cummins QSK45-G4, transformer equipment were purchased
2020 10 energy supply packages are in work

Why are we reliable?

  • Work all over Russia

  • New and used diesel generating sets are always in stock

  • Delivery, installation and start

  • 9 years of working experience